About us

Boels Traffic Service came into being after the acquisition of Van Deuveren Traffic by Boels Rental in June 2018.

The origins of Boels Traffic Service lie in providing roadside information for drivers. It started with signs along motorways and later signposting to parking facilities. Over the years, the demand for VMS trailers has steadily increased. Many businesses nowadays also use the trailers to promote their business. Even the police deploy VMS trailers in emergencies, or as part of burglary prevention campaigns.


  • outdoor mobile information services
  • crowd management
  • motorway signage


  • impact absorbers
  • advance warning trailers
  • mobilights
  • VMS trailers
  • LED screens
  • SCIB (Solar Crowd Information Board)

Boels is one of Europe’s leading rental companies in the field of machines, tools, modular accommodation and event equipment. The company is active in 11 European countries and has more than 400 branches. Boels employs more than 4000 staff.

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